The Players take on roles as Death Singers, chosen Souls and the only hope of salvation in the Satanic Legendary world. They live their verses exploring the infinite enigma of horror and splendor where dark dominions of the Black Goat and Ancient Gods rule.

Most are misled by the Fallen Angels and follow the left-hand path of selfishness, deep into corruption and power. Some shimmer of aether and align their goals with Elysians and the Ancients. Some live their afterlives without care of the forces be, exploring the depths of the Abyss and forging their own bloody paths through Fracture.

Playable Forms (Races)
Undying – Surviving Humans
Dark Soul – Witches, Darklings
Nano Suit – Enhanced human/cyborgs
Satanic Entity – Behemoths, heavily corrupted souls
Genesis Machine – A human mind inside a huge machine body
Lilith – Demons, Oracles, Deep walkers

The Journey system

 The embarking: A mechanism to merge the players into their Journey and give them common goals.

The journey system: an experience system built upon storytelling. A simple way to create an epic record of the player's epic (and painful) odyssey.

Character development

  •  100+ corruptions, physical deformations of Darkness to evolve and decay your soul.
  •  50 masters to attune and level, interact with or deceive.

Trip-tych tables

Tools for the GM and players to craft, discover and generate random locations, poisons, potions, rituals, weapons, items and much more.

Simple rules

but with a depth that makes characters feel more interesting and complex. A system to generate your Soul with their past, their master and their destiny.

6 Forms

(Races if you will) The Undying (still living human), Dark Soul (Touched by darkness), Nano Suit (Symbiotic Nano enhanced), Satanic Entity (Corrupted Demon), Genesis Machine (Machine with a human soul), and Lilith (Demon from beyond the Abyss).

12 Destinies

(Classes if you will) Jäger, Knight, Mystic, Necronaut, Death weaver, Artisan, Muse, Rare blood, Elysean, Psycho Tech,  Doctor and The Witch.

Story - Stakes - Stats

Powered by the story, stakes, stats system. A simple D20 based system where you roll 1D20 for every action which can generate story points to award you with additional/concurrent actions or boons.

Deep lore & adventures

  •  An introduction to Fracture, the Satanic Black Kingdom, the Abyss, the Satanic Court and the Ancient dead gods governing it.
  •   A dark lore inspired by satanic esoterics, dark parts of religion, myth and the occult.
  • 2 introductory Micro Adventures to introduce the players to Fracture.
  • 2 introductory Micro Campaigns to introduce the players to Fracture.

With hundreds of Abilities, Dark Marks, Masters and Corruptions, your character will feel truly unique. Within the Legendary Satanic Space there are thousands of ways to evolve and only imagination sets the limit on how powerful and truly corrupted your characters end up. You may rock a Demonic Knight that can throw people as dolls or a Necronaut that can leap across buildings.

But you all start at the bottom as worthless dogs, slowly boiling in the Unlight radiation of the Pandemonium, corrupting into sacrilegious beings, closing in on the final verse – until you meet your master … and transcend Death.

  • Will they end up as servants to the Worm Gods, devouring the gore from wounds of the dying?

  • Will they travel through on a Hellish Odyssey and end up as legendary Death Singers finally escaping Fracture?

  • Will they make pacts and through the Ancient Gods find a way to the lost Garden of Ash, the Asphodel Meadows or the legendary Elysean Fields?

  • Will they Dethrone the powers of Satan’s Court and become Satanic Princes themselves?

  • Will they dive into the Abyss searching for riches, the mythical Pandemonium or even reach into the enigmatic "Beyond"?

  • Or will they be misled, mutilated and grinded to meat by gory, divine lovecraftian machines?

The Ancient Serpent Deceiver wants you to find out!

Find your horrid faith in Astro Inferno!